Artist’s Drawing Day

Autumn Trees at PentillieYesterday found me at an artist’s drawing day organised by Drawn to the Valley at Pentillie, a castle and estate near Saltash in Cornwall. It is about half an hour from home and I love drawing days. It was glorious autumn weather and I wandered through the lime walk and down to the walled garden. The trees were just beginning to change colour and the light slanting through the leaves was beautiful.

So what do I do on a drawing day? – the obvious answer is draw – but actually I very seldom draw outside and yesterday I certainly didn’t. I like to draw in the warmth and comfort of my studio – however beautiful it is at Pentillie, it is October and cool and slightly damp… so I take photos – lots of them. Yesterday I was at Pentillie for a scant two hours and took over a hundred photos, of everything and nothing. I listen to the sounds – the breeze rustling the leaves, the pheasants scuttling into the undergrowth, the peace. Now I am home it is time to get on with the drawing bit….

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